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Welcome to Aqua-Service Profi Company - your reliable partner in the world of plumbing solutions! We are a team of highly qualified plumbers with a common passion for creating comfortable and functional plumbing systems. We are proud of our rich history and exceptional reputation.

We provide a full range of plumbing services.

Our Services

Plumbing installation, repair Aqua-Service Profi Company

Our team of specialists is ready to provide high-quality installation of plumbing equipment in your home or business premises. Whether it is a new installation or a replacement, we guarantee a professional and reliable result.

Bathtub Installation: We will help you select and install a bathtub that suits your needs and the style of your bathroom.

Installation of shower cabins: We offer a wide selection of shower cabins and will provide them with high-quality installation.

Installation of toilets: Our specialists will install toilets in compliance with all norms and standards.

Sink Installation: We provide sink installation services, including selection and installation of various models.


Plumbing repair

We understand that even high-quality plumbing sometimes requires repairs. Our professionals have extensive experience in solving various plumbing problems. We troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently to restore your plumbing to normal functioning.

Toilet and Fixture Repair: We fix leaks, replace gaskets and perform other repairs to keep your toilet and fixtures running smoothly.

Faucet Repair: Whether you have dripping faucets or faucets with poor temperature control, we can provide a quick and reliable solution.

Pipeline Repair: Our technicians will locate and repair leaks and damage to pipelines, including replacing specific sections if necessary.

We are committed to making sure your plumbing fixtures perform at their best, providing your home or business with reliable, efficient water and drainage services. With Aqua-Service Profi Company you can be sure of a professional and responsible approach to every task.

Sewer Cleaning

Modern Equipment

Drainage problems can seriously disrupt the comfort and smooth functioning of your home or business premises. We understand how important it is to quickly resolve these problems. Our specialists specialize in drain cleaning and are ready to help you at any time.

We have invested in modern and professional equipment that allows us to solve sewage problems efficiently and quickly.

Hydraulic Specialty Pumps: We use pumps that can clear clogs and floods in sewer systems quickly and easily.

Video pipe inspection: We diagnose the condition of sewer pipes using modern cameras, which allows us to accurately determine the location of the problem.

Mechanical, chemical methods: Depending on the nature of the clog, we choose the best method for removing it, including the use of specialized tools and solutions.

Our Approach: When you come to us with sewer problems, we start with a thorough diagnosis to understand the cause of the problem. We then develop a personalized action plan to eliminate it. Our specialists work quickly and accurately, minimizing any inconvenience for you.

Professional Service: Not only do we fix current problems, but we also offer professional advice on how to maintain a clean, reliable sewer system into the future. Regular maintenance can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and save you money on costly repairs.


Working with pipelines

At Aqua-Service Profi Company, we specialize in working with plumbing and sewer systems, ensuring the reliable and efficient functioning of the water supply system in your home or business premises.

From time to time, pipelines can wear out or suffer various types of damage.

Selecting the Right Materials: We will help you select the most suitable pipe replacement materials based on your budget and needs.

Code Compliant Installation: Our technicians install piping in compliance with all required codes and standards to ensure a safe and reliable system.

Minimizing inconvenience: We strive to minimize any inconvenience to you by working quickly and efficiently.

Quality control: We attach great importance to the quality of work performed. Before completing a project, our technicians thoroughly check the system for leaks and other problems to ensure everything is working properly.

Leak Repair

Emergency situations such as water leaks or gas leaks require immediate and professional attention. Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you when you need it most.

Water and gas leaks pose a serious threat to your home and safety. Therefore, prompt action and competent intervention are essential.

All of our staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals trained to work in emergency situations. They will quickly identify the source of the leak, determine the necessary corrective measures, and provide you with safety recommendations.

We guarantee high quality and reliability of our work. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Don't forget that even a small leak can become a serious problem, so don't hesitate to call us at the first sign of a problem. Our experts at Aqua-Service Profi Company are ready to help you 24/7 and prevent threats to your home and safety.


Why choose us?

Experience and Professionalism: Our plumbers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide quality services.

Advanced Equipment: We use advanced equipment to complete tasks quickly and accurately.

Quality guarantee: We guarantee the high quality of our services and materials.

Affordability: We offer competitive prices and honest estimates of the cost of work.



I am very grateful to the company for promptly and professionally fixing the leak in my home. The specialists arrived quickly and solved the problem without any hassle. Excellent service, I recommend!


We had an emergency with a clogged drain and called this company in the middle of the night. The specialists arrived quickly and fixed the problem. Very professional and prompt service! Thank you very much, I recommend it!


With Aqua-Service Profi Company I had experience with both repairs and emergency calls. In both cases, they proved themselves to be highly qualified specialists, ready to help at any time. Highly recommend!

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